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WLMS 7th weekend Retreat in Åsa

Det Yttersta Trädet and Sufi Academy invite you to a weekend spiritual retreat in the company of Shaykh Mohammad Muslim Eneborg and our guest speakers Shaykh Afeefuddin al-Jailani al-Qadiri from Malaysia, Sidi Abdalaziz Ahmed Fredericks from Scotland, imam Nusrah Cassiem from South Africa, and Sister Rayana Edwards from South Africa. This will be our seventh weekend retreat in Åsa on the Swedish west coast near Gothenburg, beautifully situated Where Land Meets Sea! As always, it is open to all – brothers and sisters, young and old, new seekers and seasoned travellers on the spiritual path.

The retreat starts at 18.00 on Thursdag the 30th of April, and ends on Sunday at 16.00 the 3rd of May, 2015. Welcome!


Shaykh Afeefuddin al-Jailani al-Qadiri al-Baghdadi

Shaykh AFEEFUDDIN AL-JAILANI AL-QADRI AL-BAGHDADI is the 19th direct descendant of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani (may Allah be well pleased with him), and the 33rd direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wasalam. Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani is one of the most renowned Islamic scholars and the founder and leader of the Qadriya spiritual path, and holds the title of The King of Saints .

Shaykh Afeefuddin specializes in jurisprudence, shariah laws and spirituality. One of his greatest teachers is the current Mufti Of Iraq, Shaykh Abdul Karim Al Mudarris (also known as Abdul Karim Bayarah). Shaykh Afeefuddin has been certified as an Islamic scholar by Shaykh Abdul Karim Al Mudarris – with the credentials of Ijaza Ilmiya. He has studied with many other Islamic scholars as well. Shaykh Afeefuddin was born and raised in Baghdad in 1972. He completed his college while specializing in the shariah sciences. He was the Imam and Khatib in several mosques in Baghdad including the Mosque of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani.

Currently living and teaching in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shaykh Afeefuddin is a mentor and guide to murids (students/disciples) throughout the world, He is the Head of Darul Qadriyah International and Chairman of Al-Wariseen Trust, and shares the beauty of Islam through his participation in Islamic and humanitarian seminars and conferences worldwide.

Sidi Abdalaziz Ahmed Fredericks

Sidi ABDALAZIZ AHMED FREDERICKS is a prominent religious scholar, teacher and educationist from the UK. Born and raised in Nottingham, England, his search for knowledge has led him all around the world: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen, Kenya, South Africa and elsewhere. Shaykh Abdalaziz has studied the inner and outer sciences with some of the greatest masters of our age, including Fethullah Gülen, Ahmed Mashur al-Haddad, Abdul Rahman al-Khitamy and the Haba'ib of Hadhramawt. After completing a degree in Primary Education specialising in Language Arts, he went on to pursue post-doctoral studies in Education at various universities. He has founded and been a part of many education projects in the UK and abroad. Shaykh Abdalaziz has translated several traditional Islamic texts into English, and has taught various books around the world, including Imam al-Haddad's "The Book of Assistance". An active campaigner for free and open access to Islamic teaching for all, Shaykh Abdalaziz is the co-founder of Islamic Texts for the Blind (kitaba.org) and has authored the book "Living with Blindness". He currently resides in Glasgow, where many Muslims and others benefit from his spiritual presence and dissemination of traditional wisdom.

Imam Nusrah Cassiem

Imam NUSRAH CASSIEM AD-DARQAWI ASH-SHADHILI completed his Diploma in Arabic at the University of Medina and is currently at the University of Johannesburg in the Honours program, Department of Religion Studies and Arabic language.

He has been a student of Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri for more than a decade and acts as assistant imam at the Rasooli Masjied, Raslouw, Pretoria. He has lectured at several international events including as an honorary advisor and partisan of the Edinburgh Muslim Community Association, Scotland.

He has over the years presented on several issues with particular emphasis on the importance on the subject of Self Knowledge and has covered several topics: The Individual and Society, Living the Universal Message, The Call of the Eternal, Celebrating Life and more recently his work on the “Mysteries on the Soul, Self and Heart Expounded”.

He is also the founder of the al Waha Deaf Society in Cape Town. He has published several educational books including Muhammad: The Pathway to the Garden, Ameer learns Arabic and Garden of Youth. Imam Nusrah is currently working on a book titled Stepping into the Heart of Prayer. He also leads the Islamic learning programme for adults at Zawiya tu Tazkiyah with the current focus on : “The study of the Quran and its invite to reflect and engage”.

Sister Rayana Edwards

Sister RAYANA EDWARDS is a life coach and social entrepreneur from South Africa. Rayana runs businesses in Cape Town, Nairobi and Johannesburg, combining her love of clothing and fashion, studies in marketing and consumer studies, and the ingenious idea of merging the informal sector of traditional handcraft from Africa to mainstream business.

Plagued by a yearning for a missing link of inner purpose and fulfilment, she discovered the world of ‘coaching’ and threw herself into a home study programme with New Insights, which opened a door for her as a life coach. This led to the launch of Harem Clothing (harem literally means "a sacred space for women").

Rayana founded and co-owns the successful SARI for Change project, which trains unemployed women to reinvent unwanted saris into creative new garments. She is also the creative director of Meaningful Change, a non-profit organisation building bridges between impoverished communities of various faiths. She combines ennobling of the outer with development of the inner through Coaching, Clothing and Culture.

Sister Rayana is also directly involved in several other efforts and organisations, including the Africans for Africa network, the CDNsport mentoring programme and SAWID (South African Women in Dialogue). She is an alumni of the 10 000 Goldman Sachs Gibbs women entrepreneurship programme at the University of Pretoria as well as the Cherie Blair Mentee foundation. Rayana is the mother of five daughters and currently resides in Johannesburg with her husband Imam Nusrah.

At the Retreat, she will be sharing her insights on reconnecting with Islam and the finding the path of Sufism, productive self-reliance, the sacred economy, women entrepreneurship and empowerment through skill development.

Shaykh Mohammad Muslim Eneborg

Shaykh MOHAMMAD MUSLIM ENEBORG is a Swedish imam, spiritual guide and founder of Det Yttersta Trädet (Sidratul Muntaha). After converting to Islam when he was 20 years old, he travelled the Islamic world extensively – particularly North Africa and the Indian subcontinent. He also visited and stayed with various Muslim communities in Europe. These varied insights and experiences would later influence his characteristic balanced and informed view of Islam.

After his travels, he settled in the UK where he completed an ʿĀlimiyya (religious sciences) course. He began his studies at the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury before moving on to study in India and later at Darul Uloom Bury, Britain's oldest traditional Islamic college. He received spiritual instruction from Mawlana Hashim ibn Hasan Jogwari, from whom he later received khilāfa, becoming a spiritual guide in the Chishti, Naqshbandi, Qadiri and Suhrawardi traditions.

Shaykh Muslim has worked as an imam at several mosques in the UK and Sweden, taught Islam and Sufism at universities and other institutions, and is often engaged in dialogue about inter-religious cooperation and the role of religion in the modern world. Shaykh Muslim currently resides in Stockholm with his wife and sons. He is a fountain of guidance and spiritual instruction for seekers of all ages and persuasions, in Sweden as well as abroad.


The Retreat will begin on Thursday 30th of April at 18.00 and continue until 14.30 on Sunday afternoon 3rd of May. Please try to arrive early for registration and checking in to your rooms.

During the three days of the retreat, our respected speakers will enlighten and inspire us through formal lectures as well as more informal/interactive seminars and workshops. We will also sing spiritual hymns (qasidas and ilahis) and perform dhikr together. Activities will begin at 10.00 on Saturday and Sunday, and continue until 22.00 in the evening, culminating in a joint dhikr session. The programme will leave time for personal reflection and opportunities to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.

A hot meal will be served in the afternoon of each day of the retreat, as well as snacks and sandwiches during breaks throughout the day.

The theme for Imam Nusrah’s talks will be “Mysteries of the Ruh, Qalb and Nafs Expounded – Soul, Self and Heart”. He will be exploring the inward path which amounts to recognition of the nature of the Self, its position in the cosmos and how it can be purified.

A more detailed programme will be made available before the retreat.

Small children

For guests bringing small children: please note that children are not expected to take part in the lectures and work shops. Parents will be responsible for arranging supervision and activities for their children during these times. We recommend that all parents, between themselves, organise a rotary system for the supervision of their children during lectures and work shops; a separate building close to the main event area will be reserved for this purpose.


Kuggaviksgården is beautifully situated by the sea in the countryside of southern Sweden. It is a conference center with attached hostel, located some 30 minutes south of Gothenburg. The area is owned by the sobriety organisation IOGT-NTO, and is an alcohol- and drug-free environment. Hostel accommodation is provided in partnership with the Swedish Tourist Association.


By road: From Kungsbacka take road 939 (the old E6), drive through Åsa and then turn right at the sign for “vandrarhem”.

By public transport: The nearest train station is Kungsbacka, 18 km away, with commuter trains arriving regularly from Gothenburg central station. Bus number 732 stops at “Kuggavik”, very close to the conference centre.

For visitors from abroad, several regular as well as low-cost airlines (such as Ryanair) fly to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport.


Hostel lodging

The price for accommodation at Kuggaviksgården is between 200–280 SEK per night. There is the option of staying in either a twin bedroom or a small dormitory (4–6 people) in a building with a joined communal area. If possible, and upon special and early request, we will try to arrange a couple of single rooms. Families further have the option of staying together in a separate chalet/cottage (stuga) for 4–6 people, with their own bathroom and kitchen. We recommend that you bring your own bedsheets and towel; or for 70 SEK  you may rent sheets and a towel from the hostel for the duration of your stay. All guests are required to clean their room or house thoroughly before leaving; or there is the option of paying 50 SEK per bed to have this service provided.

NOTE: We have a maximum capacity of 75 attendees staying at Kuggaviksgården. Places will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. Those who intend to stay for the whole retreat will be given priority over guests intending to stay for a shorter period.


A limited number of guests (space is limited) are welcome to camp overnight at Kuggaviksgården in tents, with access to toilets and showers. The cost for a tent is 150 SEK per night per tent including 2 people (+ 25 SEK per night for each additional person). There is also space for two or three caravans/motor-homes for a cost of 250 SEK per vehicle per night, including electricity.

Own Accommodation

As an alternative to staying at Kuggaviksgården, guests may choose to join us every morning from their own residence in Gothenburg. There is also the possibility of arranging your own accommodation close by, at a privately rented summer house or a bed-and-breakfast/guesthouse in the nearby area.

For help with accommodation, contact brother Abdul-Hadi: b.stendlert@sufi.nu

You will be asked to notify us of your accommodation preferences upon registration. Before the start of the retreat, you will be contacted with information regarding the cost of your accommodation. Money for accommodation, as well as any services or extra meals you may have booked at Kuggaviksgården, is to be paid directly to the hostel staff when checking in, and is separate from the fee for the retreat.

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